November 18 Scorpio Personality

As positive and beautiful as this traits may be, this can also lead to your undoing. This is because another part of your personality is quite extreme. Lovers born on November 18th are very easy to talk to, approachable, compassionate, and very loving. You are also a very giving person. Thus, when you commit to a partner, you tend to give your partner everything.

In many cases, this side to your personality leaves you in a very vulnerable position. You are likely to get used and abused by people with bad intentions. Accordingly, you need to be very careful who you give your trust to. There are many great people out there. Learn to recognize them. Master the art of identifying guys and women who will treat you the way you deserve to be treated, and it should be with respect.

You deserve reciprocity.

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If you are going to give your left arm for your lover, make sure that they are also willing and ready to do the same for you. People born on this day are very caring and patient. Being a great school teacher would be a good career choice for you. You are ready, eager, and able to deal with even the most difficult people. In many cases, you are capable of calming people who are freaking out or are otherwise abusive. You have a way with words to calm and soothe them. You are very loving, passionate, faithful, and giving to a fault. In fact, it is not uncommon for you to give so much that you have nothing left.

November 18 Zodiac Sign

This attracts a lot of people to you. For the most part, you draw in the right people. They would treat you as well as you treat them.

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However, you also attract people who are out to use you. There are certain people that are such users, that if you give them an inch, they would take a mile. People are drawn to your generosity, compassion, empathy, and jovial nature. You easily become the center of any conversation because people love talking about you. We are not talking about gossiping here, or of people talking trash behind your back.

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You are so generous that it has become a fault. It is not uncommon for you to give everything that you have in your wallet just to help somebody out. Their feelings mean that much to you. While it is okay to give and care for others, make sure that you leave enough for yourself so you will be able to provide for other people in the future.

Unfortunately, you tend to forget this and you end up giving to much and it ends up harming you and your finances. Just like all other Scorpios, your paired element is water.

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  • Being so, emotions tend to keep on overflowing and this is the reason why you are so generous. At best, these people manage their emotional energy to focus on creative work.

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    In interpersonal relations, people who celebrate their birthdays on November 18 are extremely sociable persons most happy when they are the centre of attention, having a lover who likes the same extrovert behavior is not a bad idea. These people resist pressure to go on the quest for success before they feel ready for it — like marriage and children. The moment of their readiness for essential things in life usually does not depend on others or the situation than on their own will and need to do something or not. These Scorpios are in some way connected to art, they are gifted in many ways, and the most amazing thing that they can do for their careers is to develop and nurture their talents, they can make an amazing career if they do so.

    They will make business success thanks to hard and long efforts, but also on the fact that can direct skills in any direction of their choice. It can also be said that those who are born on November 18 inventive, and can be good inventors, that will reach their goals in discoveries by listening to their instinct and creativity. They are very ambitious, and many of them are predetermined as leaders.

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    Regardless of whether their talents are amazing or completely modest, they like to discover them in their own way. As all Scorpios, these people of November 18 are capable of acting on for their own goals exclusively and are often accused of superficiality and irresponsibility, but such charges are most often unjustified. In the end, these people move in their lives and work that they are impossible to stop, you can only follow them, and they never stop halfway.

    Below the appearance of calm and collected phenomena, a volcano is hiding in them.

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    • If it is not well channeled, this violent energy becomes destructive or self-destructive. Although dark in some way, they attract like a magnet virtually everything they want with their hidden powers. The number 9 is the number that symbolically numbers that are connected to the cycles in people lives, it is the number that is in charge of wisdom and strength. These people born on November 18 have this number in their lives, and this numeral is considered to be a highly substantial number and guarantees additional help in the efforts of these people to get in their work.

      From higher symbolism, we can found out that this number is connected the terms of unconditional love and forgiveness. We know that this number comes as the last integral number, and its own all their characteristics, both good and bad. From the planetary point of view, Scorpios born on November 18 are under the influence of the planet Mars, that here comes in the symbolical marriage with Pluto. This marriage brings people attractive or magnetic attraction of those who are born on November 18, but they must not allow this week to manifest themselves violently in aggressive behavior, that is always an option when Mars is in the picture.

      Both of these planets want to become rulers, Mars and Pluto are like some crash of energy and a collision of wild and unbridled energies. If they can keep this energy under control, everything is good, everything is possible. What does this mean in practice?

      November 18th Zodiac - Astrology Zodiac Signs

      The realisation of desires, the moving of things, changes. But caution is necessary if it does not work well it can come to self-destruction. The disasters of nature, building some important monumental buildings started on this day, but also famous movies premiered on this day — in short, this date is remembered for all of these events.